Mutually strong thanks to a spirit of solidarity

LEDOR is not your ordinary insurance company. LEDOR is a mutual insurance organization whose customers are members and take part in decision-making. It is a collective enterprise that scrupulously takes care of its members’ interests on a daily basis.

We make decisions together to ensure OUR mutual’s success. LEDOR already has more than 100,000 members, served by nearly 180 employees across Quebec.


LEDOR has been doing business throughout Quebec since 1901 and is always attentive to the insurance needs of its members. Its founders wanted to create a collective insurance organization based on the principle of mutual assistance and pooled resources. LEDOR’s ongoing objective remains the protection of its members’ property and capital.

LEDOR Assurances amalgamated with La Capitale General Insurance on January 1, 2020 and is now part of a financial group, the ultimate shareholder of which is a mutual that was founded nearly 80 years ago. This merger has allowed LEDOR’s members to retain their mutualist status and LEDOR to perpetuate the values on which it was founded.