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Drive fully protected with LEDOR

Over time, we’ve developed a variety of insurance products to protect your vehicle. We understand that it’s an important and valuable asset for you, so we offer products that provide the best possible coverage at the best price.

In addition to great coverage, we offer a variety of premium discounts!

Contact us—an experienced advisor will provide you with clear information and suggest the plans best suited to your personal needs.


Discount hybrid and electric auto

Hybrid or electric

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Discount for parents with children

with children
under 16

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Familial discount

Newly insured
family members

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Combine home and auto insurance

LEDOR combo
A way to save more!


Many benefits

LEDOR has developed many benefits for its clients.

  • 5 year replacement cost coverage

    How does five year replacement cost coverage sound? It’s available for any new vehicle of which you become the owner.

    Your advisor will suggest it to protect your investment.

  • Prevention... an assured investment

    Reduce your risks by having an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle and enjoy a discount on your insurance premium as well as on the cost of the ignition interlock.

    At LEDOR, we offer options for various types of anti-theft systems, intensive anti-theft marking of parts, and tracking systems.

  • Smart options... for an informed choice

    When you combine your home and auto insurance, you enjoy lower premiums and more benefits.

    And that’s not all. Among your options you’ll find four other ways to combine your insurance to get discounts or attractive privileges—or even both!

  • LEDOR Tranquillité protection

    When you combine any other insurance with your auto insurance, you benefit from the LEDOR Tranquillité protection, which offers unique and effective 7 point coverage.