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Protecting the value of your business is your number one concern. We understand your need for reassurance and suggest you discuss with us the various insurance plans we have developed to meet your needs, no matter what type of business you run and the sector in which you work or whether you’re an entrepreneur or self-employed worker.

We’ll find the solution that’s right for you

We offer a range of robust yet flexible solutions to insure you against loss while taking into account your risks. Our plans provide comprehensive property, loss of income, and civil liability insurance, as well as insurance against criminal acts.

LEDOR Business Vision Plan

This plan is designed for farsighted entrepreneurs who want to increase their insurance limit for basic property and civil liability policies. This flexible tool gives you valuable additional coverage!

LEDOR Business Vision + Plan

If you have different, varied, or greater needs, you’ll find the security you seek with LEDOR Business Vision +. This plan offers additional protection over and above that provided by basic business insurance.

Equipment Breakdown Plan

With LEDOR, your equipment is protected. We know that entrepreneurs need their equipment to be in top operating condition at all times. A major breakdown can quickly have a disastrous effect and can even threaten the survival of your business.

That’s why our business insurance policies automatically include breakdown insurance for a wide range of equipment. Why? Because we believe that it’s our duty to help protect your assets and ensure the long-term viability of your company.

Call 1-855-633-6655 for complete details about the LEDOR Success plan—and peace of mind.

Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance is a telephone information service. Our policyholders have access to lawyers who will answer their legal questions at no extra charge and no call limits. Make sure you have your insurance policy number on hand and call 1-833-638-1624.


Note : Only the insurance contract establishes the rights and obligations of the contracting parties and the terms and conditions of coverage. Some coverage amounts may increase. In the event of a discrepancy between the information on this site and in your insurance contract, the information in your contract shall prevail.