Protecting agricultural heritage is central to our history, and we’re experts in protecting your property.

At LEDOR Insurance, we offer products in constant evolution and we are able to offer a protection that responds to the reality of each of our members.
Our agents will analyze with you the scope of your insurance needs. Whether you wish to protect your home, your personal property, your buildings, equipment, animals, farm products, your loss income with or without coinsurance, civil liability, etc., we are able to advise you appropriately to ensure the conservation of your asset.

Contact one of our agents and he/she will provide you with expert advice.

Ask him/her about our Agricole Plus protection, which includes many innovative protections customized to the needs of today's farmers.

Regardless of the type of farming you direct or do, we will offer you personalized coverage at a competitive price. Remember that you can save money by combining several types of insurance.

To speak with an agent, dial 1-855-633-6655.

Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance is a telephone information service. Our policyholders have access to lawyers who will answer their legal questions at no extra charge and no call limits. Make sure you have your insurance policy number on hand and call 1-833-638-1624.